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I think of myself, first and foremost, as a creative person - I write, I draw, I sculpt.


I'm interested in many fields, and I always want to try and make things, experiment with new media, genres and materials . When I apply for a job or even when someone asks me what I do, only a specific part of my creative output is represented. With my personal website, I didn't want to leave anything out.

I studied film at Tel-Aviv University and went on to work in the media as a reporter and editor. It was a continuation of a lifetime of writing and storytelling.

When I was young, drawing was a main pastime of mine. As I grew, I traded it for screenwriting but after a few years I realized how much I missed holding the material in my hands. That's when I started sculpting.

I became active in the "Designer Toys" community where artists and designers expressing themselves in the medium of plastic, vinyl and resin. I loved the tactility of them, the affordability. It was a democratic art form that was also childish in the best sense. And it was just really cool.

The artists I met and admired from this toy community led me to start The Artpin Collection. I became passionate about collectible enamel pins, and saw many pop-culture pins but not enough artist pins. I wanted to see the artists I loved represented in this affordable and collectible form. By the time I launched the world was in a full-on pin craze and the collection fit right in.

To me, it's all connected. It's all me.

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